I have been painting for more than 40 years and am a Signature Artist Member of the Kentucky Watercolor Society.  I have exibited in and won awards in national shows.  I have taught many workshops around the country. 

Like many artists, I began my art career painting landscapes and florals in oils.  However, that became boring and I wanted something that was more of a creative challenge.  Now, painting primarily with watercolors, I am best known for my abstracts.  I love abstract art where color flows freely giving the effect of stained glass colors.

What fun it is to be able to share my work.  I truly enjoy painting in the privacy of my studio.  I love the joy of seeing each piece begin to take shape and convey a feeling, and experience how someone else responds to something I have created. 

We who create are very blessed to put something into this world that is totally and uniquely us.  It completes the circle to be able to share it. 

A Walk Into Abstracts is dedicated to providing quality information on creating gorgeous abstract art.  My inspiration for this book came from observing works of several artists and wondering “How Did They Do That?”. 

I hope you find the information I provide valuable and helpful. 

All the best,
Sue St.John

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